Frequently Asked Questions

The Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition requires only one wire to operate (your existing/original black wire that runs from the points in the distributor to the ignition coil). This not only simplifies installation but preserves the stock appearance of the original factory wiring and distributor. Similar ignition conversion systems on the market use two or three wires to operate, making installation difficult, and creating a "non-stock" appearance in your engine compartment.

The Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition Kit comes with everything you'll need to complete your installation. The kit includes 1 module, 1 two-piece vane assembly, all necessary mounting hardware, and a comprehensive instruction sheet.

Installation is easy. The entire system can typically be installed in less than 30 minutes.

Yes, you can order the Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition Kit directly from us.

The current price of the kit is $179.00 plus shipping when ordered from us.

Feel free to reach out to us with any technical questions, whether you've already bought a kit or are just thinking about it. We offer complimentary technical support to all customers, whether you make your purchase directly from us or from one of our authorized retailers.

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The benefits you'll realize by installing the Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition Kit include higher ignition voltage, more accurate timing, longer plug life, increased fuel economy, faster starts and improved performance. The most obvious and important benefit however is not having to change or adjust your points ever again.

There is no need to remove the distributor. The Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition Kit is easily installed with the distributor in the vehicle. The entire system can be installed by most shade tree mechanics in less than 30 minutes.

The Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition is compatible with factory and aftermarket tachs. A tach filter should not be required. However, if one was originally installed in the vehicle, it should be left in place. Some low cost imported, and reproduction tachometers do a poor job of triggering from the coil (-) signal and may require additional filtering to prevent erratic or inaccurate readings. The tachometer manufacturer should be contacted to resolve these types of problems.

The Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition Kit is designed to be used with 1957 to 1974 GM, AMC, or Jeep V8 breaker point type distributors (with windowed style distributor caps).

The exterior of the Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition is molded from PPS, making it impervious to heat and solvent (up to 500F). The electronics inside are potted/sealed with thermally conductive epoxy protecting them from vibration and moisture. We are so confident in the construction quality of the Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition Kit that we offer a three-year warranty.

  1. The Breakerless SE is polarity protected against accidental reverse battery installation.
  2. The Breakerless SE will withstand battery jump starts and will operate down to 6 volts to ensure cold weather starting.
  3. The Breakerless SE is designed to shut off 1 second after the engine stops. This feature protects the coil and ignition should the key be accidentally left in the ON position.

The Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition is compatible with all original/stock GM coils. Most aftermarket/high performance coils are compatible as well. Be sure to follow the coil manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully whenever installing a new coil. Before you buy a new coil, you may want to read this.

The Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition can safely be used with coils having a minimum primary resistance of 1.2 ohms when used in conjunction with the factory installed ballast resistor. Note however that actual performance depends on several factors, such as charge time, secondary available voltage, spark duration, spark energy, etc.

Generally speaking, most stock and lightly modified street driven vehicles will not benefit from the use of a racing coil.

Most popular aftermarket RPM limiters will work with the Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition. However, it is advisable to check with the limiter's manufacturer, since third party products cannot be guaranteed by us.

The factory recommended spark plugs should be used.

Plug gaps should be set to factory specifications. Increasing the plug gap will provide negligible performance gains, while increasing demand on the ignition coil.

Maximum operating RPM is in the range of 7,000 to 8,000 RPM with the stock coil. Condition of the coil, as well as secondary ignition components (i.e., spark plugs, cap, rotor, wires) and the battery voltage will ultimately determine the maximum RPM. The Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition is capable of firing at well over 10,000 RPM.

Click here to see the Electrical Specifications for the Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition.

We believe you'll find Breakerless SE Single Wire Ignition Kit to be superior to all the other electronic conversion kits on the market. Check out this feature comparison chart to see why.

Yes, the Breakerless SE Single Wire Igntion is "CARB" approved (CARB EO D-275-1) and is legal for use on emission controlled vehicles in all 50 States.