Electrical Specifications

Operating temperature range (continuous): -20C to 125C (-4F to 257F)
Operating temperature (short term): 150C (302F) 1
Operating voltage range (nominal): 6 to 18VDC
Operating voltage (max): 350 VDC 2
Nominal coil current: 4A 3
Maximum coil current: 6A (internally limited) 4
Standby current: 10mA
Standby time-out period: <.5 sec.
Minimum engine RPM: 15
Maximum engine RPM: >7500
Weight: 41 grams (1.46 oz.)


1 Usually less than 15 minutes. Longer operation at this temperature may shorten the life of the unit.

2 Voltage to the coil must be limited such that coil primary current falls within safe operating parameters for the coil. At no time should coil voltage be such that primary current exceeds 6 amps continuous.

3 For 12 volt systems with 3-ohms coil primary resistance.

4 Short term overload protection only. Not intended to replace proper coil primary resistance.


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Legal for use on emission controlled vehicles per CARB EO D-275-1

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